From microscopic depth to telescopic breadth, Scope Strategic Communications focuses on medical technology and life sciences, including devices and diagnostics, biotech and pharma.

Deep. Wide.

Zoom in. Zoom out.

Both. And.

From media relations to investor relations. From thought leadership and executive communications to employee engagement and influencer management.

From clinical data and regulatory milestones to product launch and market development.

From strategic planning and tactical execution to objective measurement and comprehensive analysis.

From FDA to MDR; DEI to ESG.

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At Scope Strategic, we see the depth and breadth of your entire information ecosystem.

Let’s work together to envision a viable path forward for your business, company or organization by combining our collective expertise and aspirations and applying the right communications techniques and practices to your unique situation, challenges and opportunities.

Small details. Big picture.


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Core Competencies

Public Relations
Publicity for a purpose. Relating to the various publics – that is, specific groups of people – that bear on your success: customers, clients, competitors, reporters, influencers, investors, analysts, legislators, suppliers, vendors. The public.
Investor Relations
Helping financial analysts and the broader investment community, from VCs to big banks, understand what drives your operation, including strategy and management. Also positioning your business for funding and I.P.O.
Media Relations
The aspect of PR focused on journalists and information outlets that cover your space or just an aspect of it, either occasionally/coincidentally or as a focus/beat. Practically, placing and shaping stories to your benefit, proactively or responsively; driving key message penetration through news and social media.
Thought Leadership
Say something relevant, insightful, provocative on your website and social media channels, esp. LinkedIn & Twitter – in writing, on video or audio only: Also: Participate in industry events – from the podium or the dais, from interactions with reporters and analysts to engagements with customers and partners.
Employee Engagement
Inform and inspire workers with compelling content and actionable perspective to drive your operation forward by engaging them in strategy and execution, including continuous improvement.
Executive Communications
Connect leadership/management with employees, rationally and emotionally, to inform and inspire.
Influencer Management
From A-list celebrities to average citizens: after vetting potential spokespeople and expert sources, maximize their credibility and utility by channeling their influence through news and social media.